Investment task EC Sejny

Investment task EC Sejny


Investment task EC Sejny

The Housing Cooperative in Sejny owned and operated three coal-fired boiler houses supplying heat and hot water to three distribution substations. As part of the heating system, the Housing Cooperative in Sejny supplied heat and hot water to more than 30 residential buildings, comprising 790 flats, with a total area of more than 44,000 m2. The total thermal power required for that purpose was 4.5 MWt, while the annual heat demand was approximately 36,800 GJ. 

Under the contracts concluded between the Housing Cooperative in Sejny and EC Sejny Grupa CEDR Energo sp. z o.o., EC Sejny Grupa CEDR Energo sp. z o.o. undertook to:

– construct, commission and operate a new woodchip fired boiler with an installed capacity of at least 4 MWt, 

– connect three distribution substations via district heating main, 

– construct and operate individual district heating substations in facilities owned by the Housing Cooperative in Sejny, 

– supply heat for a period of 17 years from the date of conclusion of the contracts.

The new boiler house (heat source) has replaced one of the existing boiler houses owned by the Housing Cooperative in Sejny, at 19A Wojska Polskiego Street in Sejny.  The technological equipment of the previous boiler house was dismantled and the building was demolished. Only part of the old boiler house (oil-fired peak load and back-up boiler with an installed capacity of 0.75 MWt) was preserved for emergency purposes. 

For the purpose of construction of the new boiler house, it was necessary to relocate the underground engineering networks and build an internal power supply line for the facility (300 m long cable network with infrastructure). 

The new boiler house consists of two building structures: the boiler house hall, and the woodchip store. There are two woodchip fired boilers installed in the boiler house, manufactured by the Polish company FAKO SA of Rumia, with nominal capacities of 3 MWt and 1 MWt.

Since a new development project is prepared by the company Baltic Invest, space has been provided in the boiler house for the installation of another woodchip-fired boiler with a nominal power of 1 MWt. EC Sejny Grupa CEDR Energo sp z o.o. will install the mentioned boiler upon conclusion of relevant contracts with Baltic Invest in order to ensure heat supply to the four residential buildings.

Woodchip store has been equipped with fully automated systems for storing and feeding fuel to the boilers, including a movable floor. The fuel store is a reinforced concrete structure with a biologically active green roof based on a steel structure. The boiler house hall is partly a reinforced concrete structure and partly a steel structure with sandwich panels. 

In October 2021, a heat supply main connecting peripheral district heating substations was commissioned in the area of coal-fired boiler houses owned by the Housing Cooperative in Sejny. 

EC Sejny Grupa CEDR Energo sp z o.o. built, at its own expense and by its own efforts, 29 individual district heating substations manufactured by Danfoss for the facilities to be supplied with heat. The managers of three facilities installed the individual district heating substations at their own expense.  

The permit for the construction of the district heating mains was issued by the County Office in Sejny on 12 April 2021, while the permit for the construction of the boiler house was issued on 2 June 2021. At the end of February/beginning of March 2022, the new boiler house will start supplying heat to the district heating network in trial mode. We are planning to put the boiler house to operation after the end of the trial period in the summer of 2022.